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NEWS December 2021: Grants of Ch$20 million available f...

December 2021: Grants of Ch$20 million available for projects with a positive social impact

December 23, 2021
More than 40 organizations participated in this initial pilot. The company and the foundation are already preparing a second opportunity in 2022.

The awards for the initial pilot promoted by Salmones Camanchaca were granted from December 6 to 10, where Ch$20 million was distributed in amounts of Ch$1.5 million and Ch$0.5 million. The beneficiaries were twenty social organizations from the communities of Hualaihué, Chonchi, Chaitén and Queilén.

 Mr. Alfredo Tello, Sustainability Technical Manager at Salmones Camanchaca said “This was our first attempt and we achieved a very successful outcome. We are very pleased with the social and environmental commitment behind each project. We also continued to forge links with our local communities, as this is a fundamental objective for Salmones Camanchaca, as well as providing financial and material resources to support their businesses.”

The award ceremonies were held in each community and were attended by members of the winning organizations, representatives of Salmones Camanchaca and La Semilla Foundation. Ms. Cristina Espinoza, Mayor of Hualaihué, also attended that ceremony and she expressed her gratitude for this opportunity and invited people to participate in the next one. She said “I want to thank Salmones Camanchaca and La Semilla Foundation for this opportunity, especially because this community and these organizations were in great need due to the pandemic and we had been unable to find sufficient resources. Therefore, I invite you to participate next year and expand the available funds, in order to continue and where possible increase this financial support.”

More than 40 organizations applied for grants that aimed to create value and social development in a collaborative manner among organizations submitting projects that focused on healthy living, environmental care and local development.

Given the tremendous outcome from the initial pilot, the company is already preparing a second opportunity, which does not yet have a specific date, but would take place in the first quarter of 2022.

 Mr. Rodrigo Guerra, Environmental Education Director at La Semilla Foundation said “We want to continue supporting these initiatives that encourage community development and generate a positive impact on the environment. We are already working with Salmones Camanchaca on another version that will take place next year and we have great expectations for it, because we know that it will be very advantageous both for us and the winners.”

The details of this initiative are available on the website, which describes the 20 winning projects, the members of the winning organizations and the awards.