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December 2020: Salmones Camanchaca reinforces COVID-19 preventive measures with air purifiers

December 21, 2020
This technology was developed in the United States for the pandemic and reduces viruses and bacteria in the air to almost zero. It will be installed in the company’s restaurant and the vehicles used to transport employees.

Salmones Camanchaca is committed to protecting its employees from COVID-19 infection, so implemented an innovative air purification system on this date that reduces viruses and bacteria at its plant in Calbuco, Los Lagos Region to almost zero. It is the first company in the country to implement this system.

This measure compliments strict sanitary protocols directed by experts, which includes continually and systematically testing all employees, together with other initiatives to ensure that the Company operates without interruptions this year.

Karol Baron, Deputy Process Manager at Salmones Camanchaca said “Salmones Camanchaca is committed to safeguarding the health of its employees, so it efficiently implemented the required measures, by incorporating the best technology. The organization has fulfilled its responsibilities so far, which has enabled it to continue operating without interruptions and fulfill its goal of feeding the world from the sea.”

This technology was developed in the United States for the pandemic and uses filters and membranes to remove impurities, without altering the temperature of the air that is returned to the environment. Visually it is similar to traditional air conditioning equipment.

The first modules will be installed in the company’s cafeteria and restaurant. The latter was specially fitted out at the beginning of the year to comply with capacity and social distancing restrictions. They will also be installed in the mini-buses that transport employees to and from the company’s facilities. In total, 19 modules.

This initiative compliments strict sanitary protocols that were quickly and proactively implemented and have ensured that Salmones Camanchaca operated without interruptions this year. A team of professionals was formed to direct this plan, which is composed of nursing technicians and COVID monitors or Risk Prevention staff, whose task is to safeguard these measures and ensure that they are correctly implemented in the field.

Measures introduced to avoid infection including testing all employees every week; perpetually using masks and gloves on mini-buses and while working, which are regularly replaced during the day to guarantee their effectiveness; systematic sanitization of vehicles and facilities; and other measures. The Calbuco plant also has 3 temperature detection cameras located in strategic places to automatically take the temperature of all personnel, and systematic sanitization in facilities and vehicles, in order to protect the health of personnel.