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Logistic Services

The Company Logistic Services

Rocuant Logistics Center is one of the most important extra-port operators in the 8th region. CLR aims to specify a complementary stage to the production process of its customers, such as the transfer, preparation and delivery of cargo at the time, place and form that the trade requires.

  • Isla Rocuant, commune of Talcahuano.
  • Expedited access to roads and ports.
  • Close to Interport route
    connected with Itata route.
  • Connections to Concepción, Intercomunal, Carriel Sur airport, route to Penco and Lirquén.


Square meters of total area:
– 45.000 m2 of warehouse
– 55.000 m2 of patio


Fumigation chambers:
– 18 for wood
– 2 for fruit


Service containers importation and exportation


Connections for refrigerated containers

Value proposition

The value proposition offered by CLR to its clients is that with similar costs, they can access additional services flexibly adjusted to the characteristics of their processes, seeking to be a logistics partner, and not just a supplier.

  • 1
    Customer satisfaction
    meeting their expectations
  • 2
    Service opportunity
    meeting the requirements at the required time
  • 3
    protecting cargo according to nature and condition
  • 4
    maximizing the use of committed resources
  • 5
    to respond to the agreements and trust placed
  • 6
    with prices and rates appropiate to each service
  • 7
    meeting the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, caring for the environment and social welfare.

CLR Services

In the CLR, production is defined by all services that is provided to the load, so the following are key activities:

  • Reception, storage and dispatch break bulk
  • Control of cargo inventories
    with positioning in warehouses and / or patios
  • Container consolidation and deconsolidation
    (Wood - Food - Moss - Paper - Others)
  • Special loading services
    (Wood, Food, Mosses - Others)
  • Roman weighing
  • Fumigation
  • Cold connections
  • Container depot
  • Transport
  • Excellent administrative and accounting support
    of the services and contracts that are attended


Patricio Viguera Aguilera

Operations Assistant Manager

+569 9 7087826
Carolina Nemeth Kohanszky

Chief of Studies and Project Control

+569 9 2994386