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Santiago, July 2020: Camanchaca signs 100% renewable energy agreement with Colbún and makes progress toward carbon neutrality

July 6, 2020
Camanchaca signed a 7-year renewable energy agreement, a milestone in its strategic plan to become carbon neutral, which subsidiary Salmones Camanchaca plans to do by 2025.

Camanchaca S.A. and Colbún S.A. signed a 7-year power purchase agreement to supply all Camanchaca facilities. The agreement, effective immediately, involves a total of 50 GW hour/year for all Camanchaca S.A. operations and will significantly reduce CO2 emissions at each of its operations.

For the first time, the agreement guarantees Colbún will use 100% renewable energy sources. This is a milestone in Camanchaca’s strategic plan to become carbon neutral, which its salmon subsidiary plans to achieve by 2025.

“Using 100% renewable, clean energy enables Camanchaca to significantly reduce atmospheric emissions and is in line with our strategic objective of making our production operations carbon neutral. This agreement shows that we can advance toward sustainable seafood production while containing costs. Sustainability is not a matter of cost, but of willingness and conviction,” said Camanchaca’s Chief Executive Officer, Ricardo García Holtz.

The CEO of Colbún, Thomas Keller, noted that, “one of our objectives is to partner with our customers on their sustainability goals by supplying renewable energy and comprehensive energy solutions. This agreement goes in that direction and reaffirms Colbún’s position as a supplier of safe, continuous renewable energy.”

Impact of the agreement

In terms of emissions reductions, Camanchaca reported that it estimates a 21% cut at Pesca Norte (Iquique, Tarapacá), 40% at Pesca Sur (Coronel, Bio Bío), 28% at Salmones Camanchaca (Tomé, Biobío and Los Lagos and Aysén) and 11% at Cultivos Sur (Chiloé).

Consequently, over the term of the agreement, Camanchaca will slash CO2 emissions by approximately 15,000 tons—the equivalent of removing nearly 26,000 cars from circulation or planting 200,000 trees.

Camanchaca and Colbún reported that specialized international certification, I-REC, will back the result of these CO2 emissions reductions.

Furthermore, through the contract with Colbún, Camanchaca will have access to an energy efficiency audit and advance toward making operations even more environmentally friendly through initiatives including LED lighting, photovoltaic projects and electro mobility solutions.


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