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Salmones Tomé, June 2020: Residents of Tomé vote “El Rey del Salmón” winner of “From the Sea to Your Table” contest

June 10, 2020
Sponsored by the fishing company, this first version of the contest aimed to support food-based entrepreneurial ventures in Tomé.

To both celebrate ocean month and support the food industry in Tomé, whose work has had to take a new direction given the difficult economic times Chile is experiencing as a result of the public health crisis, Salmones Camanchaca created the “From the Sea to Your Table” contest, where the community and salmon are the stars.

Conducted on the Salmón News Facebook page, the contest was very well received by the thousands of Tomé residents that actively participated throughout the entire contest, from nomination to choosing a winner.

After the community nominated its favorite food-based entrepreneurial ventures (Salmon Fresh, El Rey del Salmón, Restaurante Los Troncos, Terrazas Tomé and Dolce Cafetería), the nominees published salmon-based recipes and began competing for the greatest number of interactions or likes.

The race for first prize (20 k of salmon) was tight. With a difference of just 30 votes, the Salmon Ceviche recipe by Claudia Cabrales, representing El Rey del Salmón won with 534 likes.

Felipe Cabrera Cabrales (28), owner of El Rey de Salmón and contest winner, said that he had been working in nightlife in Concepción, but had to reinvent himself after losing his job due to the pandemic. However, Felipe had always wanted to start his own business. A few years ago, he took a liking to cooking while working in fast food in Santiago. So, he dared to start slowly, selling ceviche on the weekends.

The entrepreneur from Tomé expressed satisfaction after being chosen as the contest winner, noting that the prize comes at a good time and is a great contribution for his business. “I am really happy. It is a great prize and comes at just the right time to continue growing. With these 20 kilos of salmon, I will be able to work without having to invest in my main product for 2 or 3 weeks,” he said.

The prize was presented by Jorge Vergara González, Salmones Camanchaca Process Manager, who emphasized the spirit behind the contest. “Through our Friendly Camanchaca Program, we are in constant communication with the community. These are tough times for everyone so we have focused on different activities that contribute to municipal sustainability. We wanted this contest to give food-based entrepreneurial ventures in Tomé a little boost. They are struggling as a result of the health crisis and we wanted to give them some visibility and donate one of the main ingredients in their delicious salmon dishes,” he noted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Salmones Camanchaca has kept communication with its neighbors open in order to help those who need it most. It has done a good job coordinating with local government and health authorities to support efforts to protect the residents of Tomé.

COVID-19 Aid Plan

Since 2013, the fishery has, through the Friendly Camanchaca Program, undertaken actions to support sustainability in the municipalities where we operate throughout Chile. The program’s main action points are: healthy living, caring for the environment and community outreach.

Through Friendly Camanchaca, the company has rolled out the COVID-19 Aid Plan during these months as Chile experiences this great public health crisis. The plan works with municipalities and other organizations to create different community support initiatives, which have included donating 2 disinfectant tunnels to the municipalities of Talcahuano and Coronel; and food donations to several organizations. The nine tons of canned jack mackerel donated to the municipalities of Tomé and Coronel were given to the most at-risk families in the community. The company also donated personal protective and preventative equipment, like masks and gloves, to health care personnel.

Furthermore, as a member of the Fishing Industry Association (ASIPES), it supports the Seafood Bank initiative that provides food to homes for the elderly run by the Ministry of Social Development in the Maule and Ñuble regions. These donations will continue until the end of the year, ensuring a nutritious diet for those senior citizens who need it most.

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