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Salmones Tomé, July 2020: Camanchaca donates 3 tons of salmon to at-risk families in Tomé

July 23, 2020
Camanchaca made a large donation of 3 tons of salmon fillets to support at-risk families in Tomé. The first delivery benefited 600 families in Rafael.

This morning, Camanchaca made a large donation of three tons of frozen salmon fillets to the Municipality of Tomé for at-risk families in the community. The first donation was sent to 611 families in Rafael—the area to which the municipality had assigned priority.

While receiving the donation at the Salmones Camanchaca cold storage facility, Mayor Eduardo Aguilera Aguilera thanked the company for its commitment to the community. “In a public-private partnership, Camanchaca has donated three tons of salmon, which we are now going to deliver to the first beneficiaries—600 families in Rafael. In the next couple days, we will be deciding on the next area to benefit from donations so that the community of Tomé sees how this local company is collaborating to help us get through, in the best possible way, the crisis that is affecting the entire world, our country and our community. Our very sincere thanks to the Camanchaca fishery for this significant donation,” commented the mayor.

Jorge Vergara González, Process Manager at Camanchaca, added “The public health crisis has impacted people in extreme ways and in every area. We believe that collaboration between public and private entities is essential to overcoming the crisis. Camanchaca’s actions reflect collaboration with local authorities, who have identified the most urgent needs. As a member of the community, Salmones Camanchaca is trying to contribute to the wellbeing of that community.”

The executive also noted that the donated salmon was produced at the Tomé plant, making the donation even more meaningful. “Our ties to this community go back more than 55 years. More than 90% of the people that work at our plant are from the area. So when people are enjoying the salmon, they should remember that every piece was filleted and packaged by their own neighbors, under the best food safety standards,” he pointed out.

COVID-19 Aid Campaign

The recent donation complements several cooperation initiatives that the company has undertaken through its community outreach program, Friendly Camanchaca, which involves the Salmon and Industrial Fishing divisions in the three municipalities where they operate: Tomé, Coronel and Talcahuano. The following stand out among those contributions: support for disinfecting municipal streets; donations of disinfection tunnels, canned jack mackerel and salmon; and provision of personal protective equipment for health care workers, uniformed police and firefighters.

Camanchaca participates actively in the Seafood Bank campaign, organized by the Industrial Fisherman of Biobío, which provides weekly seafood donations to extended-stay homes for senior citizens and shelters run by the Ministry of Social Development in the Maule, Ñuble, Biobío and La Araucanía regions.

Internally, Camanchaca has also undertaken preventative and support efforts. Throughout the country, it has focused on implementing strict health measures to protect employees from the coronavirus. The COVID-19 Committee, which is comprised of area managers and advised by a doctor, oversees these measures,

which include temperature checks for everyone that enters or exits the plant, disinfecting common areas and employee transportation, providing personal protective equipment and social distancing between employees in the cafeteria, on transport and in the plants. The preventative measures established by the company and the Chilean Ministry of Health have also been widely publicized.

Camanchaca currently operates two divisions in the Biobío region. Pesca Sur has plants that produce or process fishmeal, canned fish, langostino lobsters and frozen fish in Tomé, Talcahuano and Coronel, in addition to salmon operations in Tomé.