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January 2021: Salmones Camanchaca leads a recycling program that uses its own buoys

January 12, 2021
#boyacompostar is a specific, effective and easy to replicate solution that reduces industrial and domestic waste

FUE and Salmones Camanchaca have invited the Chonchi and Chaitén communities to “Compost to reduce waste”, through their #boyacompostar program. This is managed by Fomento Upcycling Empresarial (Business Upcycling Promotion – FUE), which is supported by CORFO (Chilean Development Corporation) and the Los Lagos Regional Government and is led by a salmon farming company for the first time.

Ms. Fernanda Durán, Corporate Affairs and Community Relations Manager at Salmones Camanchaca in Puerto Montt, reported that “the objective is to provide a specific, effective and easily replicable solution that reduces both domestic waste and the Company’s own residues by using them to make a valuable fertilizer.”

The first stage involves selecting a group of 20 people – 10 from Chonchi municipality, specifically from Terao Bajo and Terao Alto, and 10 from Chaitén municipality, specifically from Ayacara and Buill, who will each receive a “vermi-composter” and will be trained how to make good use of it. They are made from plastic materials commonly used by the aquaculture industry, in particular buoys, which give the program its name. Vermi-composters rely on a combination of worms and microorganisms to convert organic waste into fertilizer.

Fernanda said “Anyone interested in participating should register by calling +56982316129 by Monday, January 25. The program is restricted to local residents who can provide a written commitment to the program and have good reasons for being selected.” She added that the results will be announced in the second half of February.

FUE expect that 20 buoys containing about 1,200 kg of plastic will be recycled to make 20 vermi-composters. 3,600 kg of organic household waste, such as fruit and vegetable peel will be used to produce 1,000 kg of organic fertilizer. The process will reduce C02 emissions by almost 7,000 kg.

Fernanda added “Salmones Camanchaca is committed to sustainable development and collaborating with the community helps us to achieve our objectives.”
FUE is a social enterprise within NODO CHILE. This is a sustainability consultancy service that has been working with companies in southern Chile for over 6 years. It promotes super-recycling models that convert industrial plastic waste into solutions or products with social and environmental added value, which resolve local problems and strengthen relations between industries and communities.