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Camanchaca Cultivos Sur and Castro Firefighters disinfect public and social buildings in the city

June 10, 2020
The initiative, coordinated by the Castro Fire Superintendency, takes place on Sundays.

For the past few weeks, the Castro Fire Brigade, in conjunction with Camanchaca Cultivos Sur, has been engaging in a coordinated effort to disinfect different public and social buildings, including shelters for people in need.

The operation began at the beginning of April and could extend for a few more months, depending on the requests filed with the Castro Fire Brigade and coordinated by Commander Luis Gallardo. Gallardo receives requests and, on Sundays, he and six other firefighters disinfect places like Hogar de Cristo shelters (two in Castro), the San Francisco home for the elderly, the uniformed and investigative police stations, the Castro Firefighters Brigade, the ambulance dispatch center (SAMU) and other points of public interest in this Chiloé city.

Gallardo, who is third commander at the Castro Fire Brigade, commented: “The Castro firefighters asked Camanchaca for a Hurricane fogger. I started disinfecting the Castro fire brigade. Then Camanchaca offered us access to the machine every Sunday. Firefighters began receiving requests to expand the operation and we plan to continue disinfecting for three months.”

Meanwhile, Julio Vargas, Head of the Camanchaca Cultivos Sur plant in Rauco noted: “At Camanchaca Cultivos Sur, we participate in initiatives that help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community where we operate and among our employees. The disinfection efforts are highly valued by the beneficiaries and are aligned with our priority today: safeguarding people’s health.”

With support from Camanchaca Cultivos Sur in the form of spraying equipment and the required chemicals, like quaternary ammonium, six volunteers from the Castro Fire Brigade have disinfected these buildings. The service is available to all public and social organizations who file a request through the Castro Fire Superintendency.

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