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Langostino lobster

Industrial Fishing Langostino lobster

Camanchaca processes red and yellow langostino lobsters caught in south-central Chile at its plant located in Tomé, Bio Region.

Size Retail: 70-150 unit/Lb
Food Service: 70-90 / 90-120 / 120-150 / 150-200 / 70-120 unit/Lb
Packing Retail: Doypack 12 x 8 oz (227 grs)
Food Service: Bolsas 10 x 2 lbs (908 grs)
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Langostino lobsters are a protein source with high nutritional value that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This crustacean has a low fat content, but is high in cholesterol and sodium and, therefore, moderate intake is recommended.

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