The Langostino fishery is a Chilean Government controlled and licensed fishery. Camanchaca is one of the largest holders of the allocated quota.

Wild caught by Camanchaca’s own fleet of fishing vessels, in the pure cold Antarctic waters along the coast of Chile. Processed the Camanchaca way from initial catch to final gourmet products. Langostino are a part of the lobster family and are regarded as a seafood delicacy worldwide..


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To produce the very best quality gourmet langostino, Camanchaca starts with a comprehensive quality control system.

Temperature control throughout, expeditious handling from catch to plant, and great care through the cooking, hand peeling and freezing process, ensures superior texture and taste.

Once unloaded, the langostino are transported to Camanchaca’s state of the art, international “Quality Control” certified processing plant in Tome, adjacent the port city of Concepcion.

Here they are thoroughly cleaned, cooked and hand peeled, sorted and prepared for market in a variety of formats before being flash frozen to preserve the delicate flavor of the sea.



Pier 33 Gourmet

Langostino Lobster Tails.

pescado entero

Camanchaca Gourmet

Langostino Lobster Tails.

trozos de salmon

Pier 33 Gourmet

Langostino Lobster Tails.