Team from Bahía Edwards Helps with Coastal Cleanup on Talcán Island

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What is this about?

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, local residents from Talcán Island, with support from the crew of the Cirujano Videla Medical-Dental Patrol Boat, the Navy Reserve, volunteers and our team from Bahía Edwards, helped clean up Tendedores Beach.

How did it come about?

The initiative was organized by the Chilean Navy with assistance from officers from the Austral Navy Reserve Company (Cornav) and volunteers from several organizations. It was coordinated to take place during health rounds by the Cirujano Videla Medical Dental Patrol Boat on the Desertores Archipelago in the district of Chaitén.

What was involved?

Around 40 people participated in the activity, including students from the local school in Talcán. They collected 20 tons of waste, ranging from fishing line, nets, buoy fragments, beverage and lubricant containers to industrial waste carried to the coasts by currents. All waste collected was transported to Puerto Montt on a barge provided by Salmones Camanchaca to be sorted into one of the following categories: Plastic packaging, plastic cables, Styrofoam and buoys.

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