September 2017, Salmones Tomé Participates in “International Coastal Cleanup Day”


What is this about?

Salmones Tomé participated in the fifth version of “International Coastal Cleanup Day”, an activity held every September in over 120 countries and held in Chile since 2011. The purpose of the initiative is to collect trash and solid waste on beaches and rivers and identify the sources of this waste in order to help modify habits and behaviors that pollute these areas.

As part of the Friendly Camanchaca Program, Salmones Tomé participated on September 27th in the opening ceremony for the event, which took place along the Coastal Highway by Bellavista Beach. It attracted 300 students from 15 schools in the district. The initiative was organized by the public health clinic CESFAM Dr. Alberto Reyes, the Chilean Navy, Salmones Camanchaca and the Tomé Department of Education.

The cleanup efforts took place along Bellavista Beach and part of the entrance to the Tres Pinos area and involved students, teachers, health and education officials and the Navy.

The initiative recently received an important award as a Best Practice from the Talcahuano Health Service in strategic partnership with CESFAM Dr. Alberto Reyes, the Chilean Navy, the Municipal Department of Education and Salmones Camanchaca.

Who participated?

The activity was attended by the district’s mayor, Eduardo Aguilera; the Capitan of the Port of Lirquén, Renzo Cúneo; the assistant director of DISAM, Sandra Parra; the Director of CESFAM Dr. Alberto Reyes, Sandra González; the Mayor of Mar, José Millaquín Cortés; the Regional Manager of Salmones Camanchaca, Jorge Vergara and other health and education officials.

The day culminated with a ceremony along the same Coastal Highway to recognize each of the participating delegations and give out special awards to institutions that supported the activity.