Liceo Metodista

November 2017, Pesca Sur: 72 Students Received Diplomas as Part of Educational Enrichment Program


What is this about?

Camanchaca Pesca Sur, in partnership with Inacap and the Virginio Gómez Professional Institute, developed an educational enrichment program for twelfth-grade students interested in expanding their knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and soft skills. This agreement began in 2015 with students from Liceo Industrial Metodista de Coronel and was extended to Liceo Comercial Andrés Bello in 2017.


What is the goal of the initiative?

The objective of these three institutions is to strengthen programs, projects and activities to enhance the students’ professional development. To date, 118 students have participated in this training program, which is part of the Friendly Camanchaca Program.


Who participates?

The course began on August 25, 2017 with 72 students from Liceo Industrial Metodista de Coronel and Liceo Comercial Andrés Bello. The students were divided into two groups based on their interests and attended classes on Saturdays. Inacap taught technical and soft skills to 27 students over 61 classroom hours; another 45 students participated in 40 classroom hours on hydraulics and pneumatics.