November 2017: Camanchaca Pesca Sur Celebrates New Version of Heritage Fair in Caleta Lo Rojas


What is this about?

Camanchaca Pesca Sur participated in the Lo Rojas Heritage Fair for the sixth straight year. One of the event’s main attractions is Chile’s largest smoked fish. This year’s version was 169 meters long. It attracted eight thousand people, including local and regional authorities. Among other activities, visitors sampled typical dishes from the area.

How did it come about?

The Lo Rojas Heritage Fair is a joint initiative of the local dried fish union and the neighborhood association. Caleta Lo Rojas is known as one of Chile’s largest artisan fishing coves. Harnessing this reputation, the fair is designed to preserve the area’s customs and traditions. These two groups join forces with the Municipality of Coronel to charm visitors with a colorful festival and typical fishermen cuisine.

How did Pesca Sur contribute?

Camanchaca Pesca Sur prepared several seafood-based dishes as part of the Friendly Camanchaca program, which seeks to cultivate strong ties with neighbors and associates. The recipes were all made with simple, readily accessible ingredients in order to teach participants different ways to cook fish and shellfish.

Claudia Lizama, the company’s head of the Friendly Camanchaca Program, explained what a privilege it is for the company to be part of this initiative. “We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share with our neighbors and associates who also live in this area, and we hope to continue this tradition that brings us together,” he remarked.