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JANUARY 2019: Salmones Camanchaca Collects Over One Ton of Batteries from Puerto Varas Municipal Recycling Centers


Transport for 1,000 kilos of batteries

Collected by the Municipality of Puerto Varas

What is this about?

For the first time ever, over one ton of batteries were removed from the Puerto Varas Recycling Center, operating since 2017.

“We had noticed that Camanchaca had battery collection containers at nearby schools and the Company was in charge of transporting the hazardous waste to safe sites. So, we contacted the Company and they were willing to help us by removing the batteries that we have collected at different recycling centers around the district,” commented Javier Retamal from the Puerto Varas Municipal Environmental and Quality of Life Unit.

Since batteries are hazardous waste that can harm the environmental, they are transported in a truck provided by Camanchaca, which was authorized by regional health authorities to transport them to the hazardous waste landfill Eco Bio, located in Chillán Viejo, where this type of waste is stabilized and stored.

How did the initiative come about?

The hazardous waste was removed thanks to coordination from the Municipality of Puerto Varas and efforts from Salmones Camanchaca, which through corporate policy stresses the importance of caring for the environment and working with neighboring communities.

Salmones Camanchaca supported this initiative as part of the “caring for the environment” initiatives of its corporate social responsibility program, Friendly Camanchaca, which seeks to stimulate and promote caring for the environment among its teams and neighboring communities.

The Company stands out in the district for its ongoing support of the Epson School in Ensenada, where they have an environmental education program, “Sustainable Schools,” as part of which the school earned Environmental Certification for Educational Establishments (SNCAE in Spanish) granted by the Ministry of the Environment. As part of this annual program, the Company and community collaborate to dispose of different types of waste collected by the school community, including paper, cardboard and batteries.