January 2017, Salmones Puerto Montt Successfully Concludes Support for Environmental Certification Process for Schools in Los Lagos Region


What is this about?

Three schools—Colegio Mauricio Hitchcock de Contao, Escuela Rural San José de Calbuco and Escuela Rural Epson de Ensenada—earned environmental certification from regional environmental authorities.

This recognition was obtained thanks to support from Camanchaca’s corporate social responsibility program, known as Friendly Camanchaca. The Company accompanied the schools throughout the entire process, advising them and helping them develop an annual activity plan.

To become certified, schools must implement strategies that are suitable to their social and environmental settings in the following areas: teaching, school management and community-environmental relations.

Finally, accredited schools have access to different local institutions, such as CONAF, municipal departments and maritime authorities, to assist with long-term management.

The award has different levels based on each school’s performance. In this case, Colegio Mauricio Hitchcock de Contao earned the highest honors.


Who participated?

Institutions such as CONAF, municipal departments, maritime authorities, etc., contributed to this achievement. Key assistance was also provided by Camanchaca teams in the towns where the schools are located. Many of the Company’s employees have children attending these schools and participated directly in building a greenhouse, setting up worm composting centers for organic waste and putting on workshops, all in order to earn the recognition.

Nancy Cañete, Deputy Manager of Human Capital for Salmones Camanchaca, considered the process a complete success. “We are very happy and proud to have contributed to our neighborhood schools through the commitment and dedication of our teams. We will continue to work together to maintain the certification in all three schools,” she remarked.


How did it come about?

The second week of May, Salmones Puerto Montt signed a two-year assistance agreement to help the San José,  Mauricio Hitchcock and Epson schools with environmental matters.

The agreement included donations of recyclable materials from the salmon farming industry such as nets, feeding tubs and others. For example, a net donated to Colegio Mauricio Hitchcock now serves to keep soccer balls on school grounds.