January 2017: Salmones Puerto Montt Sponsored Run on Quihua Island


What is this about?

The running group “Calbuco Runners” organized the first community run on Quihua Island in the district of Calbuco, on January 7, 2018. The event included technical talks for participants in the days leading up to the run and culminated with a typical “curanto al hoyo”, a mixture of local seafood, meat, potatoes and vegetables traditionally prepared in a hole in the ground and covered with stones that have been heated in a bonfire until red.

As part of the Healthy Living and Proximity pillars of its Friendly Camanchaca Program, Salmones Camanchaca participated with a stand to help runners stay hydrated. The company also provided reusable bags as part of a campaign being held during summer 2018 in collaboration with the different municipalities where they operate, which are looking to eliminate the use of plastic bags at local businesses.

Who participated?

Runners from different regions gathered at Bioparque El Paraíso on Quihua Island, located in Yaco Alto, to compete in one of three races (15K, 10K and a 3K family run). “We are always open to participating in initiatives organized by local groups, where we can help not only promote sports and healthy living, but also develop tourism and business on Quihua Island,” remarked Nancy Cañete, Deputy Manager of Human Capital for Salmones Camanchaca.

The initiative is part of the Friendly Camanchaca Program, which aims to deepen and strengthen the company’s relationship with its workers and neighboring communities.