December 2017: Salmones Camanchaca Provides Assistance to Villa Santa Lucía


What is this about?

At 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, December 16, 2017, a mudslide devastated the small town of Villa Santa Lucía, 75 kilometers south of Chaitén, practically burying 20 houses.

Immediately after the catastrophe struck Villa Santa Lucía, teams from the Company’s Sea Water Division located in the disaster area contacted the municipality of Chaitén to coordinate help for the victims. Employees from the Edwards and Islotes farm sites organized drives to collect supplies and provided a boat to transfer people from Futaleufú and Palena, which were cut off due to road closures, to Puerto Cárdenas. The vessel made three trips each day between Puerto Cárdenas and the La Cabaña sector, helping inhabitants that were able to reach Route 7, which links up with the road to Chaitén, by land.