APRIL 2019: U. San Sebastián and Salmones Camanchaca Signed Collaboration Agreement to Conduct Scientific Research


Research of interest to both institutions will be conducted

What is this about?

Universidad San Sebastián and Salmones Camanchaca signed a collaboration agreement to generate a joint work plan to conduct scientific research of interest to both parties. One of the most relevant aspects is the university’s applied biotechnology laboratory, where it generates validated scientific knowledge that can support technical analyses required by the salmon farming company.


Who else will benefit?

The agreement also provides support for employees of Salmones Camanchaca and their family members through health care services offered by the university’s numerous degree programs at both its own facilities and through mobile clinics staffed by its students as part of their learning and training process.

“It is often said that industry is far removed from academics and, to a certain extent, that is true. We want to change that and mutually benefit each other in many ways, and not necessarily related to technical areas or biotechnology. We believe there is much to be done in terms of our employees and the residents of the areas where we operate. This agreement opens up many possibilities to develop joint initiatives,” commented Álvaro Poblete, Regional Manager for Camanchaca.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of the local campus of U. San Sebastián, Sergio Hermosilla, this agreement is well aligned with the idea of generating joint initiatives that promote the university’s development. “Through our outreach policy, we work devotedly to be present in the community. We hope that Salmones Camanchaca is a strategic ally with which we can collaborate mutually,” he remarked.

The agreement is also designed to create the possibility for students from different degree programs at USS to do internships at Salmones Camanchaca. The parties also agreed to emphasize cultural issues by organizing events that can be developed together as they promote the Más Azul Lago Llanquihue campaign to beautify Llanquihue Lake.