APRIL 2019: Salmones Camanchaca Offers Neighbors from Caleta Buill Course on Food Handling and Cooking and Baking Techniques


18 participants in courses on food handling and cooking and baking techniques


classroom hours

What is this about?

Eighteen residents of Caleta Buill, in Chaitén, Los Lagos Region, participated in the course “Food Handling and Cooking and Baking Techniques,” developed by Salmones Camanchaca.

The participants, who are female heads of household, food workers and hospitality experts, engaged in more than 60 hours of learning.

“For three weeks the participants learned about hygiene and food handling, and learned new recipes that will help them develop themselves professionally in cafeterias and other food service establishments,” remarked Nancy Cañete, Deputy Manager of Human Capital for Salmones Camanchaca. 

How did it come about?

The workshop was proposed by the community of Caleta Buill in open dialogues with Camanchaca. This is the first of a series of courses that will be held in the Los Lagos Region. Others include Cutting and Sewing in Isla Talcán and Hygiene and Food Handling in Los Bajos de Frutillar.

This type of activity is part of the community outreach action area within “Friendly Camanchaca”, the Company’s corporate social responsibility program, which is designed to cultivate lasting, stable bonds with communities through concrete actions.